Respect Monument Amsterdam


Opdracht: Ontwerp een monument voor jongeren om de herinnering aan de 2e wereld oorlog levend te houden.
Opdrachtgever: Gemeente Amsterdam, Diversion.
Werkzaamheden: Concept, ontwerp en productie begeleiding.

Materiaal: Keramische tegels, keramische inkt, houten lijst
Locatie: Balboa Plein Amsterdam
Remco Swart, 2005


The city of Amsterdam and Diversion asked me to create a monument for a square in the western part of Amsterdam called ‘the Baarsjes’. The annual WW2 remembrance on the 4th of may 2004 was disturbed by local immigrant youth from this area. These kids were acting as a result of lack of knowledge.

Through a school program they were taught about the war and what the role of their grandfathers and grandmothers was during the war. Finally they were asked to think about if they were to design a monument, what would it look like. A drawing by student Marvin Linger, depicting the words ‘NO WAR’ in a graffiti like style, won the contest.

I created a real monument out of his drawing. I used photos of local kids and created a pallet of traditional looking patterns. The monument shouts ‘NO WAR’ across the square. Coming closer you see a forever blooming sea of flowers, even closer you see the kids themselves captured in color and time.

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